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  dotFM Domain Name Registration Application    
dotFM - Domain Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does it cost to register a premium .FM domain name and when is payment for registering a domain name due?

The dotFM Domain Registration fee for a premium .FM domain is Two Hundred United States Dollars (US$200) for the registration of each new dotFM domain name or One Hundred United States Dollars (US$100) to renew an existing registration. Radio Stations registering ONLY their "LEGAL FCC/DOC (or) GOVERNMENT ASSIGNED CALL LETTERS" (e.g. - KDOT.FM, WDOT.FM) receive a Twenty Five United States Dollars (US$25) per year discount. Payment is due at time of registration. The registration fee covers the first two years for each new registration. The renewal fee covers a one (1) year period following the first year, and includes any permitted modification(s) to the dotFM domain name's record during the period. Registrants Payment is due at the time of registration. Registration renewal fees are due 30 days before the end of the registration period. If a renewal fee is not paid by 7 days after expiration, the name will be deleted from the .FM Domain database and become available for others to register.

2. Companies like Network Solutions & offers a lower cost for a .com domain. Why does it still cost that must to register .FM domain name?

It's Location, Location, Location ! .FM is a Premium Top Level domain targeting the broadcasting and Internet Industries. [.com] is a .COMmon domain that was originally intended for "commercial" entities. A premium domain name is the Internet equivalent of a storefront. For multimedia sites it's the Internet equivalent of a radio dial position. With a .FM premium domain you can create and promote your sites Internet identity and establish your sites brand in front of an audience of millions.

3. What payment methods are currently acceptable for a premium .FM domain name registrations?

We accept credit card (VISA/MC/AMX) payments, either directly via online registration, fax registration, or our toll free 800/888 number registration. All of the required information found on the dot.FM Domain Registration Page should be mailed (or) faxed to:

dotFM - BRS Media
760 Market St. Suite 958
San Francisco CA 94102-2311
Fax: 1.415.677.4025
Toll-Free: 1.888.697.2860
Outside US: 1.415.677.4027

4. What characters (A-Z, 0-9 and -) and how many characters can a premium .FM domain name have?

The total length may be up to 26 characters (including the three characters .fm). The only characters are letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), and a dash (-). A domain name cannot begin or end with a dash. Upper case and lower case are treated as lower case only. Spaces and any other characters in a name will not be accepted.

5. I don't have an Internet Service Provider or a Host ID can I still register a premium .FM domain name?

Yes. If you do not have an Internet Service Provider or Host ID and would like to register (or) hold a premium .FM domain name, you can hold a domain for a one-time fee of $50 (plus the dot.FM Domain Registration fee).

6. We're a Public / Non-commercial radio station (or) not a radio station at all, can we register a premium .FM domain ?

Yes. Any site can take full advantage of a premium .FM domain name. There is no Internet law that states as a Public or Non-commercial radio station you must use an .edu or .org domain name.

7. What's wrong with a .com domain ?

Nothing. However, the top level domain .com was originally intended for COMmon "commercial" entities. A domain name is the Internet equivalent of your call letters or slogan online. On the Internet, your domain name acts as both an extension of your station, as well as your address. It directs your listeners and clients to the place where they can visit your station online, find out more about the jocks, or even listen to your station LIVE Online. With a .FM premium domain you can create and promote your stations Internet identity and establish your stations brand in front of an audience of millions. With your stations Image and Identity "ON THE LINE" why would you want a domain name that was originally intended for COMmon "commercial" entities?

8. Are only radio stations or those companies the broadcasting industry able to register a premium .FM domain name?

No. Although it seems the premium .FM domain was made for radio! Any person or single organization located anywhere in the world may register a premium .FM domain name.

9. Is there a limit to the number of premium .FM domain names one organization or person may register or a limitation as to where that company or person must be located in order to register a premium .FM domain name?

No. Any person or single organization located anywhere in the world may register any number of premium .FM domain names.

10. How long after a registration application is submitted will it take for a name to become active on the Internet and how will you be notified?

When your registration is successfully processed, you will be notified immediately at your billing email address. It is important that the billing email address be a working address or your registration may fail. Your name will become active on the Internet within 24 hours of that notification. If no payment authorization is received within 72 hours, however, your domain name will be deactivated and deleted from the database.

11. I've updated my DNS records and my site still does not work ?

The most likely reason for this problem is that it normally takes 2-4 days to propagate the new DNS information and clear DNS cache. This time depends on the TTL (time-to-live) settings for your domain at your previous host and the time when DNS entry was cached. Sometimes, it takes more than 4 days if the TTL was set unreasonably high by your previous host. In some cases it may take as long as 7 or 10 days to clear the cache.

During this period the mail and HTTP requests may be coming to either the old or new servers. There is no control over it and nothing can be done to speed up the process. If this is not the case and it has been more than 7 days since the domain record had been updated, please contact your ISP to solve the problem.

12. What is the BRS Media domain policy concerning trademarks and registration of names in the .FM Top Level Domain?

BRS registers domain names on a "first come, first served" basis. By registering a domain name, BRS does not determine the legality of the domain name registration, or otherwise evaluate whether that registration or use may infringe upon the rights of a third party. BRS Media neither acts as arbiter nor provides resolution of disputes between registrants and third party complainants arising out of the registration or use of a domain name. This dotFM Domain Name Policy ("Policy") does not confer any rights, procedural or substantive, upon third party complainants. The entity applying for a domain name ("registrant") is solely responsible for selecting its own domain name ("domain name") and maintaining for the continued accuracy of the registration record. The registrant, by completing and submitting the dotFM Domain Registration Agreement ("Registration Agreement"), represents that the statements in its application are true and that the registration of the selected domain name, to the best of the registrant's knowledge, does not interfere with or infringe upon the rights of any third party. The registrant also represents that the domain name is not being registered for any unlawful purpose. From more information on the terms of registering a .FM top level domain Click Here

13. Where does the .FM domain name come from?

The .FM domain is an Internet country code domain name, just like .JP (for Japan), .MX (for Mexico) or .CA (for Canada). .FM is designated to the Federated States of Micronesia under the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority Domain Name System. BRS Media is an exclusive agent for FSM Telecom for purposes of managing, marketing, and registering FSM Telecom's top level domain, .FM to the broadcasting and internet industries. The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) is a small developing island nation in the Western Pacific Ocean. You can learn a bit more about the Federated States of Micronesia at .

14. Does dotFM offer a WHOIS service for .FM ?

dotFM does currently offer a public accessed whois database of .FM domains. You can search for available .FM domains by Searching Here

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