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Your .name questions answered

1. Who can register a .name domain?

.name is for individuals. Any person can register a .name domain. In addition, it is possible to register a .name on behalf of a fictional character, if you own the rights to this character. You can find full details on Eligibility Restrictions in the Challenge section of this site.

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2. Can I register my

In order to allow the maximum number of people to register their .name domain, you can only register - not just For example, if your name is Jennifer Smith you can register, or even There are many possibilities - as long as you have two dots in the domain.

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3. Can I get a email address?

Yes you can! An email forwarding service will be available to give you a convenient and easy to remember an email address. The service will simply forward all your email from your address to the email address of your choice. Email forwarding is an additional service to your domain name and can be purchased through your Official Provider.

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4. When can I buy my .name domain name?

The first .name domain went live (or 'resolved') on January 15th 2002. Our Official Providers are now accepting applications, which are processed weekly. Registration is expected to occur in near real time when the service goes live in mid-June.

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5. How do I register?

You can register through one of our Official Providers (participating "Registrars", who are agents who can register the domain on your behalf). You can find an Official Provider by clicking the 'Get your .name' link above.

Please note that you cannot register through Global Name Registry directly.

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6. What can I use my .name domain for?

Your .name domain will become your digital identity. A .name will make it easy for everyone to remember your email and web address. It is all you need to create your presence in the new digital world.

You may want to use your .name domain for a personal website, and have a web address. You can create your own personal website to showcase your interests or communicate with family and friends across the world. Your imagination is the only limit.
You also have the flexibility to create as many sub-levels on your domain as you like. If you are a football fan why not create Or if you are expecting, you could create to announce your new baby.

email address
And you can stay in touch with your friends, family and colleagues with your email address. What could be easier to remember?

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7. How much will a .name domain cost?

.name is designed to be affordable for everyone. However, the cost of .name domains and email addresses are determined by our Official Providers. We recommend that you shop around and see who's offering the most suitable service for your needs.

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9. What is a domain name? Domain names were originally established to make computer addresses easier to remember. On the Internet each computer has its own numeric address, a system very similar to phone numbers. However, remembering the numeric address is, for most people, far more difficult than remembering

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10. What is a top-level domain (TLD)?

A top level domain consists of the letters or word to the right of the last dot in a domain name. The most commonly known top-level domains today are generic domains such as .com, .net or .org. There are also country-specific domains such as .se for Sweden, .de for Germany and .to for Tonga. The .name TLD is one of the new generic TLDs that have been recently introduced.

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11. What is a Registry?
,br> A Registry is an organization or a company that maintains the "master list" of domain names for a particular top level domain (TLD). The Registry receives domain name service information from Registrars who register domains on your behalf. The Registry then puts that information into what is called a "zone file" so that users all over the world can access the information found at these domains.

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